Collaborating with Leaders 

to build Sustainable Solutions

to Business Problems



sustainable adjective : the capacity to endure



"Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect." Steve Jobs

   Your Business

Let's talk about the PURPOSE behind your business. 

This is your roadmap. 

And it's unique to you. 

There are no perfect solutions to problems.

There are many good options.


Step 1: Validate



(60 minutes)



Outcome: Break problems down, simply.

Key question: What's the problem? It might not be what you think it is!

What's really going on?

Let's break it down into

bitesize chunks.

We find perspective. 



Step 2: Understand


(60 minutes)



Outcome: Design solutions that work for people.


Key question: Who are the stakeholders? Innovation is driven by humans. Let's get to know the people involved - their needs, motivations, attitudes, values, and fears.

We listen. 



Step 3: Solve



(60 minutes)



Outcome: Get moving and take action!


Key question: Why? What?How? We ask good questions and build a user-centred and adaptive solution.

Small changes can have big impact.

We adapt and evolve.


Daily rates: 3 hours / €400, 6 hours / €750

Start-up rate: 6 hours / €200 

Scale-up rate: 6 hours / €300

Hourly rate: 1 hour / €150 


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