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Hi, I'm Susan.

I help you to solve problems.

My philosophy is simple. Be open, build trust, and be surprised. Magic happens when we're curious and playful. We laugh. We share. And we build connection. We solve problems together and get things moving forward.
My background is in finance and psychology. I have an MSc in Business Psychology, a Diploma in Coaching Psychology, and I've published research on thriving*. Prior to that, I worked for 10 years as a chartered accountant, business and data analyst, and senior manager in varied roles across practice and industry. I've initiated and led change, designed and built process innovations, and managed projects, teams, and stakeholder relationships. More recently, I've worked with founders and tech startups on strategy, communications, and culture. 
I've supplemented my practical experience with training in Jungian self development, mindfulness, yoga, and astrology; travelled around the world with a backpack; and spent time in Buddhist, Daoist, and Tibetan Bön meditation practices. I love integrating these elements into my work. I use a blend of positive psychology, cognitive-behavioural, and acceptance-commitment tools. I've used these tools myself in my own personal and professional journey and I'm very willing to share my learnings. I learn something new every day!

* Volume 5, Article 15 – European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology (


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