Sustainable Me

accepting what I cannot change

... and changing what I can ;o)


"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."  Leo Tolstoy


Newsflash: We are the world.

We are business. 

If we don't change, then 'they' won't change.

We buy from them. We sell to them. We work for them.

We can choose to use our power or give it away. It's up to us.  


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The Mobile Coach and You

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The Individual

Responsible Living

We care about where our consumer products come from, we ask questions, and we choose quality over quantity. We care about who we work for and how we're working.


The Caretakers

Life on Land and in Water

We support fair working conditions, animal welfare, and the protection and re-generation of biodiversity. We eat sustainably and we care about the welfare of our marine life and the future of our oceans.

Working on a Pottery Wheel

The Business

Responsible Working

We support fair prices, good working conditions, and responsible sourcing, energy consumption, water use, transport, and packaging. We care about our employees and our community.