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Yoga for every body



"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." Lao Tze

I've been practising yoga since 2005, exploring many different styles during my life. My first yoga home was Samadhi studio in Dublin. I knew that I wanted to go deeper and I started training in hatha in 2017. It was only after completing my yin training that I found my teaching voice. Yin gave me another doorway into the mind and the emotions. For me, yoga is awareness of the connection between body, mind, and soul. This awareness has led me to a deeper understanding of my own body. I teach yoga for every body. In yin, we let go of needing to look a certain way. Use the shape to find your ground. Feel the energy of the pose for you. And soften into it. Take the space to listen to your heart, it will guide you.
Promise. x 

1/1 sessions - £75, 60 minutes


MentorMe: Service



I feel into my body and awaken my energy.

I move and flow with strength and softness.



I reflect. I let go. I move forward with purpose.

MentorMe: Service

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